Christin Milloy:

Rise up and seize equality

Tell YOUR Story

Have a problem? Get in touch. I’ll fight for you.

I’m an advocate and activist for your rights as a person.

Have you been mistreated or discriminated against because of your gender expression or gender identity?

Contact Me — I bring public attention to cissexist injustices carried out by businesses, employers, even government policies—but I need your help.

This fight doesn’t end when I get my ID changed. If something bad happened to you because of someone else’s hate, or their ignorance, strike back: share your story with me.

My stories are published in venues with a wider audience than just this blog: I have written in Slate, XTRA, and Ricochet.

Your confidentiality will be respected, and (upon request) I will print any story with a pseudonym (false name) to protect your identity and privacy.

Please note: I never collect any money or payment for advocacy work I perform on behalf of Trans* persons or groups. My goal is to make Canada, and the world, safer and better for all genders.

In particular, I am currently looking to tell stories for:

  • Trans people wishing to seek refugee/asylum status because they are in danger in their home country (e.g. Uganda)
  • Trans-identified sex workers (esp. of colour, and DFAB)
  • Trans people rejected from approval for Hormone Therapy (incl. non-binary, genderqueer, fluid etc)
  • Rejected for SRS approval in Canada
  • Stories of negative interactions with Police (esp. Toronto)
  • Stories of problems with, or at, Pride
  • Trans marginalization in LGBT / “queer” organization, group, or event
  • GQ or non-binary experiencing binaryism from a Trans* group or organization

Christin Milloy