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Thursday, OCTOBER 22nd, 2015

IN Magazine: Gender Mercies. Comments regarding the relationship between “LGB” and “T.”

Saturday, NOVEMBER 1st, 2014

XTRA: Pride not nearly as fun for disabled guests. Christin is quoted on accessibility concerns at Pride Toronto.

Wednesday, OCTOBER 15th, 2014

Proud Queer Monthly: “Don’t Let the Doctor do this to your Infant” Author Christin Milloy On Ending Gender Assignment At Birth. An interview following-up on the SLATE piece that went viral, pissing off cissexists and conservatives everywhere.

Tuesday, JULY 15th, 2014

XTRA: Queer does not mean consent. Christin and other activists give insight into the phenomenon of unwanted touching at Pride celebrations, and what organizations like Pride Toronto might do to try and curb these violations of consent.

Saturday, JUNE 28th, 2014

XTRAToronto’s two trans marches share Yonge Street route. Coverage, with interviews, of the successful cooperation between the “Community” Trans March headed by Nicki Ward, and the Trans* Pride March headed by Christin Milloy and Co-Leads of the Trans* Pride Team at Pride Toronto.

Thursday JUNE 26th, 2014

Toronto StarTrans, transgender: ‘I’m not a guy in a dress,’ trans woman explains. Christin covers off some of the stereotypes about Trans* and non-binary people, and shows how many Trans* personal stories, such as her own, deviate from the standard media-friendly Trans* narrative.

XTRATwo trans marches planned for WorldPride in Toronto. Coverage of the split in the community caused by some people who are uncomfortable working with Pride Toronto.

Tuesday JUNE 17th, 2014

CIUT Radio – Sex City: TransPride. As Pride Toronto’s Trans* Pride Team Lead, Christin gives information about the Trans* Pride Rally, March, and Trans*-centered entertainment options during WorldPride.

Runtime: 8:57 (cut)

Monday, APRIL 28th, 2014

XTRA: Trans* March 2014 is legal (and loooooooong)! An XTRA contributer links to my blog, calls Trans* March “a parade,” and then rambles about shoes.

Tuesday MARCH 26, 2014

CBC Radio One – Blue Sky: Should sex be taken off of birth certificates in Saskatchewan? In this 21 minute show, Blue Sky host Garth Materie takes calls and emails with Christin Milloy to discuss a human rights case happening that might make Saskatchewan the first province to eliminate sex from the birth certificate.

CHRW Radio: Transgender Rights Bill Frozen in Senate. A brief radio interview calling on Canadians to contact their senators to support bill C-279.

Runtime: 1:33

Tuesday OCTOBER 29, 2013

CBC Radio – The Current:  Should gender be included on govt I.D.? Family of transgender 10-year-old says no. Anna Maria Tremonti consults Christin about the current legal requirements for change of Sex Designation on Birth Certificates in Ontario.

Runtime: 28:11 (Christin at 12:35).

Tuesday, OCTOBER 23rd, 2012

XTRAMeet Pride Toronto’s board nominees. Regarding Christin’s candidacy for the Pride Toronto board of directors in 2012.

May, 2013

INToronto Magazine Land of Lesbians and Honey? Even after the selection of Kathleen Wynne as premier, LGBT activists argue that there’s much more pink politicking left to do in Ontario.

Friday JUNE 29th, 2012

XTRA: Trans Pride goes rogue — again. Andrea Houston covers the Unauthorized Trans March through the streets of Toronto on June 29th, 2012. Includes video.

Wednesday JUNE 13th, 2012

CBC Video: Transgender Rights. Christin and other trans people are interviewed on video in the lobby at Queen’s Park, following the passing of Toby’s Act. Watch below, or view online at CBC’s website.

CBC: Ontario passes law to protect transgendered. Christin is quoted following the successful historic passing of Bill 33, Toby’s Act.

Toronto Star: Ontario Human Rights Code amended to protect transgendered people. A terrible photo of Christin Milloy (flanked by partner Alex Moakler and members of Trans Lobby Group with MPP Cheri DiNovo) accompanies this Toronto Star article about the passing of Bill 33, Toby’s Act.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2012

XTRA: City of Toronto flip-flops on Trans March decision. Andrea Houston reports on how Pride Toronto and the City of Toronto acted in response to community Trans* Activist successes in bringing the Trans* March to Yonge Street.

Wednesday MAY 16th, 2012

The Grid: GSA showdown. Christin’s deputation on Bill 13, to Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on Social Policy, is referenced extensively in this wonderful piece by David Haines.

Wednesday MAY 3rd, 2012

CTV: Hudak slams Liberal spending during visit. In a segment filmed at a Progressive Conservative breakfast event in Kitchener, Christin appears briefly giving an opinion on whether or not the PCs can win in the upcoming Kitchener Waterloo by-election (following the departure of K-W’s MPP Elizabeth Witmer). Watch online at CTV.

Monday APRIL 16, 2012

XTRA: Ontario trans rights decision makes Canadian history. Christin is quoted on the requirements for change of sex designation on Ontario Birth Certificates.

Friday APRIL 6, 2012

XTRA: Conservative MP links trans people and sexual predators. This piece quotes Christin on trans myths, and Conservative fear-mongering at the first debate of C-279.

Friday MARCH 30, 2012

XTRA: Activists stand up to opponents of anti-bullying bill. Quotes and photo at Christin’s “Yes on 13” counter protest event, plus video interview and coverage of the event. Read the article at XTRA’s website. Video below. Runtime 3:55.

Catholic Register: Queen’s Park protesters oppose Bill 13. Article mentions the counter protest and quotes Christin on the “Yes on 13” position. Catholic Register mis-identifies Christin as “Christian Millroy” and mis-genders her as male (“he said”). The error was corrected. The article also claims the “No on 13” protest drew a crowd of 2,000 when in fact it was approximately 200.

RunnerTransgender people could be banned from Canadian airplanes. Mentions Christin’s blog. Runner is the student owned and operated news service for Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia.

Thursday MARCH 29, 2012

CityNews on CityTV Christin appears in a segment covering the “Yes on 13” counter-protest she organized, to counter a “No on 13” demonstration put on by Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario, a religious fringe anti-LGBT hate group who claim (falsely) to represent the views of all Catholics. Runtime: 3:48. Watch Below, or, Watch Online at CityTV’s website. 反对校内展开同性恋教育200家长学生省议会外集. Chinese coverage from Christin’s “Yes on 13” counter protest event. Link above, or Google Translate to English.

Sunday MARCH 25, 2012

XTRA: Duelling Queen’s Park protests planned over GSAs. Christin is quoted on her intention to organize a counter-protest against a “No on 13” demonstration at Queen’s Park.

Tuesday MARCH 20, 2012

foQus with Deb Pearce: Season 2, Episode 18 “Politics”. Christin is interviewed on the Rogers TV show FoQus with Deb Pearce regarding trans activism and the Trans Flight Ban. Rogers customers can watch online. Clip coming soon.

Wednesday FEBRUARY 22, 2012

XTRA: Trans rights bill now moves on to second reading. Quotes and photo with Trans Lobby Group.

The Uniter: Airport screening regulation comes under fire from trans-rights activists. Christin speaks on why the mere existence of discriminatory Identity regulations is a problem (The Uniter is the official student newspaper of the University of Winnipeg).

Eye on Sheridan: Toby’s Act Reintroduced in Provincial Parliament. Quotes Christin’s article on Toby’s Act.

Tuesday FEBRUARY 14, 2012

The Link: Fear of Flying; Flight-Ban Discriminates Against Trans Fliers. Mentions viral blog entry and sex-unspecified passport protest.

Monday FEBRUARY 13, 2012

Between the Margins show on CHRW 94.9, London’s True Home of Independent Music and Talk. Guests Christin and Jennifer McCreath join with host Michelle Boyce to discuss the trans flight ban, and Olivia Chow’s motion to repeal the regs, and about Christin’s human rights case against SIN registration, and about sex unspecified passports. Ms Boyce gives a preamble on the issues as well as a recording of Ms Chow’s statements at the Transport Committee meeting (as well as some technical difficulties). For Christin’s and Jennifer’s comments, skip to the 20 minute mark.

Runtime: 50:08

Thursday FEBRUARY 9, 2012

CBCNews: Should the airport screening rule requiring passengers to look like their gender be removed? Mentions Christin’s blog and reports on the defeat of Olivia Chow’s TRAN committee motion to repeal Trans Flight Ban regs.

NOW! Magazine: Flying fix: Trans People Fear New Rule that Gender on Passport Must Match Appearance. Interview quotes from Christin after her successful flight, regarding the impact of Trans Flight Ban on trans people.

Thursday FEBRUARY 2, 2012

Christin with Roz & Mocha at KISS 92.5

Christin w/ Roz & Mocha

Roz & Mocha show on KISS 92.5, Toronto’s #1 Hit Music Station, Christin is the studio guest discussing Transport Canada Identity Screening Regulations.

You can listen below, or read the original post (with photo) on the Kiss 92.5 website.

Runtime: 5:05

CBC News Canada: Are transgender Canadians being banned from boarding flights? Mentions Christin and links blog.

2B Magazine Online: Transport Ministry regulation targets trans people, sparks massive controversy. Quotes Christin Milloy’s blog post from Feb 2, on Canada’s failure to offer “X” gender on passports, placing Canada in noncompliance with ICAO standards.

Wednesday FEBRUARY 1, 2012

CBC News: Should transgender Canadians be protected by a new parliamentary bill? Mentions Christin, quotes and links blog.

Christin On CityTV

Christin On CityTV

CityNews Inside Story on CityTV: Christin is interviewed by Avery Haines, about Transport Canada Identity Screening Regulations and about the difficulties trans Canadians face in accessing proper government ID. Runtime: 6:49. Watch Below, or, Watch Online at CityTV’s website.

Tuesday JANUARY 31, 2012

XTRA: Trans People Could Be Blocked from Flying in Canada, by Andrea Houston. Interview quotes from Christin, and link to blog.

The Toronto StarTransgendered people outraged over Canada’s identification rules for air travel. Interview quote from Christin, and links to blog.

Huffington Post Gay Voices (blog): Canadian Air Travel Regulations Over Gender And Appearance Spark Concern Among Transgender Rights Advocates. Mentions Christin and quotes blog extensively.

The Washington Post National BlogPost (Blog): Canada transportation rules: Could they prevent transgender people from flying? Mentions Christin and links blog.

Wednesday SEPTEMBER 28th, 2011

XTRA News: Trans Candidate Makes Canadian History in Ontario by XTRA reporter Andrea Houston. In this article, Christin discusses her candidacy in the 2011 Ontario General Election

Tuesday AUGUST 23rd, 2011

Pride Vibes show on CHRY 105.5, York University radio. In this incredible 24 minute interview, Christin (and host Theo Boutet) touch on such topics as Christin’s upcoming candidacy in the Ontario General Election, Jack Layton’s recent passing away, trans equality, human rights protections (the death of Bill C-389), the necessity of specific human rights protections based on “gender identity,” the inequality and inequity of OHIP coverage for transgender people, an how Social Media can be used for political activism

Runtime: 23:58

Christin Milloy