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8 Funny Shareable ‘Star Trek’ Valentine Cards

These eight valentines are for the Star Trek fan with truly discerning taste when it comes to the more recent cinematic contributions to the franchise. You know, the ones by JJ Abrams. These are designed for and dedicated to my beloved, the brilliant and beautiful V.W., but all Star Trek fans are welcome and free […]

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I Want to Believe… That X-Files Didn’t Just Pull the Trans Prostitute Trope

Recently resurrected fan favorite The X-Files sent itself a love letter this week in the form of “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” the third episode of the 10th season we waited 14 years to see. The show takes great joy in this episode, parodically lambasting many of its ’90s-era monster-of-the-week outings. In those occasional money-saving trips into the bush, Mulder and […]

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South Park Takes on Trans Issues … and It’s Great

This article first appeared, complete with video clips, in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” Blog. When we found out South Park was doing an entire episode about gender identity this season, a few of my trans friends were worried we were about to become the joke of the week. After all, the show has mishandled the issue in the past. Most famously, […]

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Secret Selves is a Secret Worth Revealing

NOTE: This was published in XTRA National on July 4th, 2012, as Allowing Secret Selves with minor edits. I try to avoid forming preconceived notions, but when I was asked to review Jamie Johnson’s Secret Selves, I felt a twinge of scepticism. As a self-published book by a first-time author, it raised warning flags and I initially […]

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