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Ontario Claims Health Cards Dropped Gender—They Didn’t. Read This Before You Renew

In a surprise announcement in June 2016, the Ontario Liberal government stated they were immediately removing gender markers on all newly-issued provincial “OHIP” health cards: Welcome news for trans people and feminists in Ontario. An OHIP card is required to access healthcare, and like all documents with gender markers, they had caused many problems for […]

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Healthcare Heirarchy Holds up Heroine’s Hormones (a Tirade)

Editor’s note: Temporary disruption in access to hormone replacement therapy in trans women can result in medium-to-long and angry blog posts. If symptoms persist, contact a doctor, because legally you have no gods-damn choice. In Part 1 of this story, we heard how my doctor retired a year ago, and his clinic randomly ceased renewing […]

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Here’s How I Was Banned From Voting Membership in Pride Toronto

After I publicly resigned from my volunteer role with Pride Toronto, Executive Director Mathieu Chantelois and members of Pride’s then-current Board of Directors opted to strip me of my Pride Toronto membership— Despite my hundreds of hours of volunteer work over two years, and my vested interest in the future of Pride. Pride Toronto Memberships […]


Apparently They Can Just Take Away Your Hormone Therapy at Any Time without Warning

I am trapped in the middle of an evolving bureaucratic nightmare, my health hanging in the balance, and Ontario’s medical system largely to blame. I’m a transgender woman and I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for nine years, with the exception of one eight-month period quite a while ago during which I had to temporarily stop HRT in order […]

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Air Canada Accidentally Bans Fictional Sci-Fi Device that Doesn’t Actually Exist

While travelling recently, I learned that Air Canada has updated their rules for dangerous baggage in reaction to recent safety concerns arising from small, high-powered lithium ion battery packs and their tendency to explode on a random basis. Such batteries and the devices that use them are now banned, even in checked baggage. To train staff on the […]

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2016 “Equal Pay” Campaign Explicitly Featured Trans Woman to Prove an Important Point

Europe’s “Equal Pay Now” organization made a splash on International Womens’ Day back in March by releasing an ad on YouTube featuring a trans woman. The video, prepared by Brussels-based ad agency mortierbrigade (brand in lowercase), is designed to bring attention to Equal Pay Day and tackle the gender wage gap: The difference in average earnings […]

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Rachel Dolezal Drops New Bombshell: “I’m Also Transgender”

In 2015, the story of Rachel Dolezal went viral when it emerged that the leader of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP was in fact a white woman posing as black, after she was revealed publicly by her parents. In the wake of the revelation, she was compared by many on Twitter to transgender people such as […]

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Transgender: Get “Female” Canadian Passport With “Male” Birth Certificate and NO Medical Documentation, Here’s How

Today I am the proud holder of a fully valid, non-provisional, five-year Canadian Passport, bearing my actual gender (female) as opposed to the gender I was assigned from birth without my consent (male). The kicker: I got it without showing medical documentation, no doctor’s or psychiatrist’s letter, even though my birth certificate still says “male” […]

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For a Model of How Companies Should Handle Trans Discrimination, Look to KFC and Lyft

Employment horror stories are tragically common for transgender people, just look at the transgender unemployment rate. So with so many companies and businesses doing it wrong, it’s reassuring to notice when some companies get things right. Last week, a woman named Georgia Carter reported she was interviewed, hired, and then almost immediately fired by a […]

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Volunteers Needed for National Transgender Voting Rights Campaign

If you’re a Canadian citizen, you have the right to vote. Being Transgender shouldn’t change that, and activists across Canada have joined together to set up a non-partisan organization to ensure that every Trans person who wants to vote, can. The project is called Trans Vote Canada, with the web domain It’s about helping every Trans person […]

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Three Months Later, Pride Toronto “Dyke” and “Trans” Trademark Applications Are Still Active

It has been just over three months since Pride Toronto applied for legal trademark ownership over the terms “Dyke March” and “Trans* Pride.” Following national outrage from Dyke and Trans* organizations, Pride Toronto promised to withdraw those trademark applications in a statement published on July 19th. “Over the next few days, our organization will work […]

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All-Genders Underwear Has Arrived: Play Out Celebrates Semi-Nude Diversity

Are you ever frustrated that the underwear that actually fits your body’s shape isn’t gendered the way you would want it to be? Panties too feminine for your taste? Boxers or briefs too masculine? If you’re not into society’s stereotypes for how you should dress your body, the limited underwear market is enough to make some of us want to go naked in […]

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Pride Toronto has Applied for Corporate Trademark Ownership of “Dyke March” and “Trans Pride”

An edited version of this article originally appeared in NOW Toronto Magazine. Public records on the website for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, which manages Canada’s Trademark registry, reveal that Pride Toronto has applied to take corporate ownership of the terms “Dyke March” and “Trans* Pride.” Records also show that Pride Toronto is the first […]

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My Open Letter of Resignation from Pride Toronto

To Whom it May Concern, With heavy heart, I find it necessary to publicly submit my resignation from Pride Toronto, in my capacity as the unpaid volunteer Team Lead of the Trans Pride Team. When I was asked to join this team in March of 2014 in the lead-up to WorldPride, following years of enmity […]

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Best Transgender Hate Mail of 2014

In my years as an activist and writer, I’ve received a lot of positive support and feedback from thoughtful, amazing readers all over the world. And then there are these people. Here’s a sampling of some of the best material donated by generous souls who’ve sought to share their competing views with me. Thanks for […]

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Pride Toronto Announces 2015 Trans* Pride March Route: Longer Than Pride Parade

Pride Toronto has published their info map, which confirms the routes for the Dyke March, Trans* Pride March, and the Pride Parade. Once again, both the Dyke March and Trans* Pride are enjoying routes which run longer than the Pride Parade itself, in recognition of the political struggles that remain for queer women and Trans* people. This year’s Pride […]

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Pride Toronto to Provide Free Accessible Meeting Space to Grassroots Trans* Orgs, All Year-Round

In the latest of several announcements about improvements to Pride Toronto’s outreach to grassroots elements of the Trans* community, the organization responsible for Toronto’s Pride Festival has come up with a way to support Trans* communities not only during the Pride festival, but all year round. Grassroots Trans* organizations, such as social groups, Trans Lobby Group, the […]

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Never Been Done Before: Pride Toronto Announces First Annual Trans* Community Fair

Pride Toronto is creating a brand-new safer space for Trans* community members to find each other during the Pride Festival, and to access groups, services, and organizations that are “by trans, for trans.” The first annual Trans* Community Fair will operate in Norman Jewison Park, on the Friday of Pride Week, June 26th 2015. The […]

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Facebook Bans Disabled Trans Woman of Colour for Not Appearing Feminine Enough

If you follow social justice activism, then you may be fortunate enough to already be familiar with Kylie Brooks. Brooks is an activist, whose lived experience is as a black Deaf and disabled trans woman. Brooks routinely combines her stunning intersectional life experiences with brilliance and energy, sharing her thoughts and experiences online, tirelessly educating others about important issues. Last […]


City of Toronto Pays Funds to Country where Women Forbidden to Own Property, Gay Men Sentenced to Prison and Whipping

This article originally appeared in Daily Xtra. The City of Toronto is paying hundreds of dollars in public funds each year, to a foreign country where the civil rights of women are severely curtailed—And where gay men face imprisonment and whipping. These payments from the City’s budgets are part of a misguided attempt by City of Toronto officials to boost the social […]

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Pride Toronto Announces Improved Gender-Free Restroom Policy

“Restrooms should be offered gender-free.” Starting in 2015, that is the official rule whenever Pride Toronto’s policies involve restrooms. Pride has supported gender-free restrooms, as a general practice, for some time: The festival site has always provided non-gendered portable facilities, and Pride​ routinely de-genders the restrooms at venues hosting official Pride events. However, this is the first time […]

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Pride Toronto Offers Free Advertising & Promotion for Grassroots Trans* Community at Pride 2015

The second public Town Hall meeting by Pride Toronto’s Trans* Pride Team, for Pride 2015, was held on Saturday, February 7th, and started off with the announcement of an exciting and unprecedented outreach initiative intended to leverage Pride Toronto’s resources to benefit the Trans* community at large. Pride Toronto began the meeting by acknowledging the amazing work put in over many years […]

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Canadian Blood Services’ Policy is that Trans Women are Men

This article was originally published by Ricochet Media. Transgender People are collateral damage in Canadian Blood Services’ continuing discrimination against gay blood, says the trans community. Canadian Blood Services’ (CBS) presently maintains a policy of banning blood donations from MSM (“Men who have Sex with Men”), even in the midst of a critical blood shortage, which […]

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TD Bank Locks Trans Customers Out of Accounts

This article originally appeared in DailyXTRA. A TD Bank Group employee shut out a Toronto trans woman from her bank accounts and credit card because he didn’t like the sound of her voice on the phone, the woman alleges. “I got locked out of all my accounts because . . . my voice wasn’t completely perfect,” […]

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Today I Am a Pimp

This article was originally published as an op-ed in Ricochet, Canada’s crowd-funded non-corporate news source. Last week, I was a law-abiding citizen. (Alright, I customarily jaywalk, but that’s it.) Today, I am a pimp. That’s right, I’m “living off the avails of prostitution,” and this is my confession. Perhaps I should clarify. My beloved partner […]

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Remember What’s Important on Trans Day of Remembrance

Originally published as a guest editorial in DailyXTRA. The International Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is upon us, a day set aside to memorialize those who have been killed in the past year as victims of anti-transgender hatred or prejudice, in Canada and worldwide. Internationally it’s set to take place in “late November,” honouring Rita Hester, a trans woman […]

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An Open Letter About my Birth Certificate Application

TO: Office of the Registrar General c/o ServiceOntario 189 Red River Road PO Box 4600 Thunder Bay ON P7B 6L8 CC: Glen Murray MPP 120 Carlton Unit #318 Toronto ON M5A 4K2 RE: An Open Letter, About my Birth Certificate Application Dear Registrar General and to whom it may concern, This letter, delivered in conjunction […]

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Post-Office Parcel Pickup Added to List of Services Trans* People Can Be Barred from Accessing

It was plain bad luck that the mail carrier happened to arrive with my package during the 10 minutes per hour when my condominium’s concierge security was out doing his rounds. With me at work, and nobody there to sign for my package, off it went to the local post-office. I discovered this when I received a pick-up slip, in lieu […]


Toronto City Hall Could See Trans* Flag raising: Help Needed to Make it Happen

The Trans* community in Toronto has a big opportunity this year, the chance to achieve a Trans* flag raising at City Hall for Transgender Day of Remembrance… but it can only happen with cooperation, community consultation, and the free sharing of ideas. Every November 20th is the international Transgender Day of Remembrance. It’s a day to memorialize those who have been […]


Trans* Pride Team at Pride Toronto Announces Dates for Next Two Community Town Hall Meetings

In an effort to step up community consultation, enhance organizational transparency, and more effectively engage Toronto’s Trans* community in decisions about how Trans* Pride is handled during the annual Pride festival, Pride Toronto’s Trans* Pride Team has announced dates for the next two public consultation meetings… and they’re coming a lot sooner than you might expect. […]

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TRANS*Vision Episode 2: Memorial Destroyed by City, Rebuilt

This week on Trans*Vision: Toronto’s grassroots Trans* Memorial, callously destroyed. Who is responsible? And, a community in mourning responds, rebuilds, and makes a pledge. Last week we reported on the creation of a grassroots memorial, a place for the Trans* Community to reflect on those lost each year to murder and suicide… and inspire activism […]

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TRANS*Vision Episode 1: Toronto Grassroots Trans* Memorial

Toronto Trans* community members have set up a new Memorial, to remember those we’ve lost to violence, and oppression. But the future of the new memorial is not yet certain. After waiting fruitlessly for the City of Toronto and the 519 Community Center to respond to calls for a permanent Trans* memorial, the Trans* community this week took matters […]

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Local Activist to Hold Emergency Meeting in bid to Unify the Two Separate Trans* Marches

UPDATE: The meeting address has changed. It’s here, at 1PM: Ryerson Student Centre 55 Gould Street, Toronto ON, M5B1E9, Toronto, Ontario M5B1E9 Two Trans* Marches? Again!? WTF? For those who may not be aware, there’s the big long one on Yonge Street, Trans* Pride March and Rally at WorldPride 2014, and then there is The Trans March 2014, organized […]

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Conservative Senator Caught in Bald-Faced Lie in attack on Human Rights Bill

The Honourable Donald Neil Plett needs to get his facts straight… Or perhaps he was deliberately counting on the ignorance of those who were listening to him speak in yesterday’s Senate debate. The subject was bill C-279, which would finally give equal human rights protections for Gender Identity at the Federal level in Canada. If […]


UPDATE: Wheel-Trans Stops Collecting Gender, Revamps Name-Change Policy, Trains Staff!

Two weeks ago, we learned of Kylie Brooks, a Deaf and Disabled Trans* Woman resident in Toronto. Kylie shared her story of frustration, uncertainty and confusion surrounding the treatment she received in a phone conversation with Wheel-Trans customer service, when she requested to have her gender identity and preferred name respected by the TTC Wheel-Trans […]

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Disabled Trans* Woman Hit with Name-Change Discrimination by TTC Wheel-Trans Service

Transphobia and Ableism are bad enough individually, but Disabled Trans* people face double trouble. In this case, a service specially designed to accommodate Disabled people was made inaccessible to one woman, when her request to have Wheel-Trans use her preferred name was met with confusion and apparent refusal. Kylie Brooks (who has given consent for the publication of […]

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Trans* March 2014 is Legal and Longest Ever – Permit for Yonge St, from Bloor to Dundas Square!

Pride Toronto’s Trans* Pride Team announced their route today, and it’s very exciting indeed. This year’s Trans* March is longer than Dyke March. It’s even longer than the Pride Parade itself. In recent years, Trans* activists have taken on the city over the problems with the Trans* March route. All of the hard work has clearly paid […]

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#FreeAvery Highlights 4 Systemic Trans* Human Rights Violations by Canadian Government

Our federal government has failed us again. Avery Edison is a comedian and writer from London, England. After landing in Canada Tuesday, she ran into a border nightmare with Canadian Border Services Agents (customs) which resulted in her being arrested and detained at a men’s prison facility, in a case of anti-Trans* discrimination so egregious […]


Source: Ontario Registrar has Rejected More than Half of Sex-Designation Requests, Including Mine—and they Shredded my Birth Certificate!

Trans* people who were born in Ontario can apply to the Registrar General’s Office (part of the Ontario Ministry of Government Services) to have the Sex designation on their Birth Certificate changed to reflect their Gender Identity. At least, they can try. Information from within the Registrar General’s office, which I have obtained from a […]


NoRobo Campaign Launches Interactive Election Fraud Atlas of Canada

Very exciting news tonight. My NoRobo Co. Team colleagues and I have deployed a Beta version of our Interactive Election Fraud Atlas of Canada, available online at This interactive data visualization tool aggregates reports from hundreds of court testimonials and news articles, organized by electoral district (by riding), and allows a visual comparison of reported […]


U.S. Genderqueer Denied Entry to Visit Canadian Partner; Officers See Therapist Letter, Question Mental Health

Very disturbing information has emerged about an incident which recently occurred at the Peace Bridge, one of the road crossings along the Canada / U.S. border, at the hands of Canada’s federal Border Services Agency (CBSA). Toby, 25, is an American citizen and resident of New York state. Identifying as genderqueer, Toby does not use gendered […]


Here’s the Scoop on Toronto Trans* March 2013

Toronto’s Trans* March has a short and controversial history. As plans take shape for 2013’s “Pride” week, the controversy has re-ignited. Once again, the hot-button issue: what is the appropriate route for a march that champions the causes of equality, and visibility for Trans* people in Canada and worldwide? As Canadian Trans* people (and a […]


London Community News Pokes Fun at Transgender Youth Council Candidate on Medical Leave for SRS

Kaylie Sorrenti, a young heroine in London, Ontario, is currently vying for a seat on London’s Youth Advisory Council (LYAC). She’s running on a platform which includes, among other things, better acceptance of diversity in London. “I come from a (youth advocacy) background, and run a weekly support group for (trans*-identified adolescents) who have issues […]


Ontario Registrar is Stonewalling Trans* Birth Cert Applicants; Citing False, Unpublished Requirements

Once upon a time, a legal change of sex was available in Ontario only to those Trans* persons who could prove with documentation that they had completed “transsexual surgery.” Early in 2012, that requirement was found to be discriminatory in a human rights ruling. Consequently, the Ontario Registrar General was given six months to provide […]


Transgender Day of Remembrance, a Brief Statement

Yesterday, November 20th, was the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). This is the day that the LGBT community and allies gather together to remember all of the trans people who have been lost in the world this year due to acts of violent transphobia, or due to suicide (which is rampant problem in the […]

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Steal From My Family and You Will Go to Jail (As this Thief Did)

I have just had a whirlwind twenty-four hours, beginning with a minor tragedy, followed soon with a hard-won reversal, and culminating in the sweetest of victories. Saturday, October 20th, Midnight My closest associate is [Fake name: Megatron]. They’re my co-conspirator in life, my emotional support all these years, and as close to me as any […]


Prospective Mother Required to Have Unwanted Sex with Queer Sperm Donor by Government Regulations

I recently became aware, through a reader, of a rather disturbing story developing in the Province of Ontario. [EDIT – It is unclear whether the regulations in question are in fact Provincial, as they were described, or Federal, originating with Health Canada. I am currently performing additional research.] The details are 100% true, however the […]


New Ontario Legal Sex Change Requirements a Huge Disappointment for Most Trans* People

Some of Ontario’s Trans* community are celebrating this week, as Service Ontario has released a revised set of legal sex change rules which no longer require surgery. This came as the result of a Human Rights Tribunal ruling which occurred in April. However, as the new forms reveal, the Government struck back against the ruling […]


Bathroom Fearmongering Conservative MP Launches Anti-Trans Petition

Conservative MP Rob Anders (Calgary West) has reached out to his constituents and local church pastor with a petition against C-279, the federal bill that would add human rights protections based on “Gender Identity,” and which passed second reading in June. His petition, unsurprisingly, appeals to the transphobic “bathroom argument.” In Anders’s view, C-279 will […]

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Trans Ontarians: Update the Sex on your OHIP Card and Prepare to Die* for your Cause

This article has nothing to do with the question of government funding for SRS. While that is a very important issue to be sure, there are still other considerations which are of equal importance for trans and genderqueer persons looking to change their ID in Ontario. Now that Ontario will very shortly be forced to […]


Ontario Name Change Form Directs Trans People to a Dead Email Address

It came to light this afternoon that the Ontario Registrar General is directing transgender applicants to a dead email address. The problem is on the form for requesting a name change. The error on this form only affects trans people, due to the context in which it appears. Normally, by law all name changes must […]


The UNAUTHORIZED Trans* March of Toronto’s Pride Week

I want to draw some attention to an excellent street march event which is set to take place in Toronto tomorrow, Friday June 29th. The UNAUTHORIZED Trans* March of Toronto’s Pride Week is billed as an opportunity for Trans* (transgender and transsexual), Genderqueer, and other gender variant people and their allies to get out into the […]


The True Nature of Opposition to Toby’s Act (Christin Milloy’s Committee Deputation on Bill 33)

What follows is the written version of the oral deputation I delivered this afternoon (Monday, June 11th) to the Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on Social Policy, at Queen’s Park in Toronto. The committee met today for one afternoon to discuss Toby’s Act (Bill 33) in advance of its third reading (and anticipated passing) this Wednesday […]


Toby’s Act Likely to Become Law in Time for Pride—Full Details, and Next Steps

Thursday (May 10th) was a day of celebration for members of Ontario’s trans community. Toby’s Act had been expected by trans activists to pass second reading without much trouble, but none of us predicted such a dramatic outpouring of support from the members of our provincial parliament. I was as professionally impressed as I was […]

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SIN Registration Refuses Mediation—Trans ID Discrimination Complaint Proceeds to Investigation Stage

As previously reported, in January I filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) against the Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), after months of failed attempts to persuade them to change the gender marker on my SIN record. After the complaint was accepted, HRSDC was given a time frame of ten […]

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The Economic Case To Support Ontario’s Bill-33 (Toby’s Act)

For better or worse (opinions vary), we have a Human Rights Code in Ontario. Toby’s Act is the chance to vote for, or against, new explicit inclusion of a “ground” which is already implicitly covered. Bill 33 (Toby’s Act) will very slightly amend the Human Rights Code (HRC), to explicitly mention “Gender Identity and Expression” […]


Kitchener-Waterloo By-Election is a Chance to Spread Message of Liberty

Elizabeth Witmer can be said to have been one of the few truly progressive MPPs left in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Now that Witmer has resigned her position as MPP for Kitchener-Waterloo, not just her seat, but control of the entire provincial legislature hangs in the balance. Last October, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals came up […]

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Another Pageant Convinced to Revise Anti-Trans Rules

A month ago, the Jenna Talackova Miss Universe Canada disqualification controversy brought transphobic beauty pageant rules under mass public scrutiny for the first time ever. However, trans activists had already been aware of the now notorious “born female” pageant rule since long before that. The (apparently ubiquitous) anti-trans regulation is hardly limited to the Miss Universe […]


Surgery No Longer Required to Change Sex on Ontario Birth Certificate; Tribunal Ruling Epic Win for Trans Ontarians

Today the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal issued a ruling, declaring that the portion of the Vital Statistics Act requiring “proof of transsexual surgery” as a pre-requisite to changing the sex designation on an Ontario Birth Certificate is a human rights violation. As first reported by Andrea Houston at XTRA, The Ontario provincial government has been […]

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Results of Toronto-Danforth By-Election Are In!

The results of today’s Toronto-Danforth by-election have come in and, perhaps unsurprisingly, NDP Candidate Craig Scott has won the coveted seat in Canada’s Parliament in the riding of his predecessor, the well-loved late leader of the NDPs, Jack Layton. Watching the results stream in with my friend and colleague, Toronto-Danforth Libertarian Party candidate John Christopher Recker, […]

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Toby’s Act is Back—New Ontario Parliamentary Bill Will Enshrine Trans Human Rights Protections into Law

Today in Ontario’s Provincial Parliament, at Queen’s Park in Toronto, MPP Cheri DiNovo has once again introduced Toby’s Act (Right to be Free from Discrimination and Harassment because of Gender Identity or Gender Expression). It was my privilege to be present at this historic event. This bill will enshrine into the Ontario Human Rights Code protections for trans people […]

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Human Rights Commission Agrees to Hear Trans ID Discrimination Complaint Against Social Insurance Registration

On January 9th, after months of prep work, I filed a human rights complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission against Social Insurance Registration, because they refused to update the Gender designation on my SIN record. Three days ago, I received notification that the Commission has agreed to hear my complaint. The Ministry of Human Resources and Skills […]

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If No Trans Person Has Been Stopped at the Gate, Why is This Such a Big Deal? Here’s Why

Since the Trans Flight Ban story broke, the question has been asked repeatedly. “Has anyone actually been stopped?” Transport Canada’s response to this question hasn’t wavered. Spokespeople have echoed Minister Lebel’s earlier statements in the House, which were later repeated on February 7th by MP Pierre Polievre in the Tansport Committee Meeting: Transport Canada is not […]

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Motion To Repeal Trans Flight Ban is Defeated by Tories in Committee

Sadly, I must report that this morning’s vote did not go well in the meeting of Parliament’s Transport Committee. Olivia Chow’s motion to repeal article (c) of paragraph 5.2(1) (the transgender flight ban) was defeated in a vote of 6 to 5. Members voted along party lines. Here is the breakdown: NO – Adler – […]

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An Open Letter to Transport Committee and Concerned Members

As I covered in my blog yesterday, Transport Committee is currently debating a motion to repeal the air regulation. I decided to send the following urgent letter to the Conservative members of the committee, on behalf of the community, expressing concerns about the points raised in debate so far. TO: Lawrence Toet, Jeff Watson, Mark Adler, […]

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Trans Flight Ban is Heavily Debated by Transport Committee; MPs to Vote on Motion to Repeal

Yesterday morning, Parliament of Canada’s Transport Committee sat for a meeting. At 10:30AM, NDP MP Olivia Chow made a motion regarding everyone’s favourite Identity Screening regulation. From the meeting minutes: Olivia Chow moved, — That the Government repeals Section 5.2(1)c) of the Identity Screening Regulations under the Aeronautics Act which were introduced in August 2011 and which states that “An air carrier shall […]

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Detained at the Airport: One Trans Woman’s Horrifying Story

Several months before Transport Canada introduced their discriminatory ID regulation which, technically, completely bans almost all trans people from flying, one woman’s travel plans were turned into a terrible ordeal of nightmarish proportions—and all because the Canadian government denies trans people access to proper ID. Jennifer McCreath Meet Jennifer McCreath, from Newfoundland. She’s a marathon […]


Transport Canada Caught in Misinformation — Response to Media Contained Embarrassing Error

Transport Canada responded on January 31st to inquiries made by XTRA reporter Andrea Houston regarding the Trans Flight Ban. In their response, Transport Canada attempted to justify the regulation by claiming it was part of the international standards set by ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organisation). The relevant portion of their response reads as follows: The security of passengers and […]

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Transgender People are Completely Banned From Boarding Airplanes in Canada

The shit hit the fan in the trans blogosphere last night, when it came to light that there is a disturbing new section in the Identity Screening Regulations used in airports throughout Canada. Simply put, Transgender People are Completely Banned From Boarding Airplanes in Canada. The offending section of the regulations reads: 5.2 (1) An air […]

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Human Rights Complaint Filed Against Canadian Government over Sex Discrimination in Social Insurance Registration Identification Practices

Six months ago, the Social Insurance Registration department at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada refused to update the gender designation on my SIN record. Since then, I’ve been fighting a pitched bureaucratic battle to correct that wrong. After 188 days, three requests filed under the Privacy Act, nine requests filed under the Access To […]

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PC Financial Issues New Training to Correct Discrimination Problem

I received an update on Friday (May 27), from my contact Vicki at CIBC on behalf of President’s Choice Financial services. With pleasure, I can now relate to you that CIBC/President’s Choice Financial has distributed new training messages to all front-line CSRs, intended to address the issue I first raised on May 14, that PC […]

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While PC Financial Fails Discrimination Test, TD Takes Active Steps to Support Trans Youth

TD Canada Trust just announced a brand new Trust Scholarship for Transgender Youth. (related post on Egale’s blog). While President’s Choice Financial fails spot-check tests for transgender discrimination, it’s nice to see another banking company step up, taking active steps to directly support trans youth. “The process started about a year ago,” said Jeffery White, […]


PC Financial Takes Partial Steps to Correct Transgender Discrimination, More Is Needed

Today I spoke again with Vicki, my contact at PC Financial. Together we followed up on the issues I raised in my last post President’s Choice Responds, which continued the story from my original post President’s Choice Financial Discriminates Against Transgender People. First, she confirmed that she had received and processed my name change request […]

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President’s Choice Responds

Yesterday afternoon, I was contacted by a representative of PC Financial, in response to my previous blog post entitled President’s Choice Financial Discriminates against Transgender People. At 3:41, my mobile phone rang, the caller ID read as a 1-888 number associated with PC Financial (the same number I call when I do my telephone banking). […]

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President’s Choice Financial Discriminates Against Transgender People

UPDATE — TUESDAY MAY 17, 2011, 4:29PM I was contacted by phone today at 3:41PM by a very courteous representative of PC Financial. We spoke for about 30 minutes about potential strategies PC can apply to resolve this issue, and I made it clear we need to arrive at a solution which prevents anyone from […]

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