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Are Trans Women Real Women?

A couple of stories have come out recently about incidents where cis women commentators have courted controversy by opining that Trans women aren’t “real” women, on the grounds that we have (to some degree) lived experience of male privilege. Morgan Page‘s excellent response article on BuzzFeed thoroughly addressed the ideological conflict between Second Wave feminists versus trans women, placing […]

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Transgender Uterus Transplant: My Body, My Choice (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1… Where Swedish doctors had ignited in my mind the somewhat-realistic prospect of some day being able to carry a pregnancy, a trio of Canadian doctors appeared and made quick effort to snuff that prospect out. In 2012, the three doctors (all men) from the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University in […]

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Transgender Uterus Transplant: My Body, My Choice (Part 1)

As a liberal and a feminist, I am fiercely pro-choice. I believe each individual has an inalienable human right to autonomy over their own body, a right that should be protected. I find it reprehensible that patriarchal legislators, overwhelmingly men, would abuse the power of law to limit a person’s access to modern reproductive health […]

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The Perils of the Plus-One: A How-To for Poly-Friendly Event Organizers

I’m polyamorous or “poly.” I have two romantic partners at the moment, and I’ve had as many as four at one time. I love each partner in different ways, and they in turn show me different sides of the same wonderful universe. For me, the magic of love and romance has been multiplied and I’m probably never going back […]

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Welcome to the Restrooms of the Future

Imagine, if you will, that you feel nature’s call one day in a public place. Following the arrow on the sign marked Restrooms, you round a corner and come upon two doors. To your mild surprise, neither door carries the traditional “pants” or “dress” emoji that you’re used to seeing. You take a moment to […]

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An Open Letter to the Racist Lady in the Blue Jays T-shirt

Dear Toronto Blue Jays fan lady (with the reddish-dyed hair), who I met on Front Street last Sunday afternoon, You don’t know me, but my friend and I met you briefly on our way to Union Station. You and your companion were dressed like you were coming from the baseball game, along with the rest […]

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Why Star Trek is Always the Most Important Show on Television

There is a very special place in space and time that (to me) symbolizes diversity, and always will. Three white men are in charge of it, although one is slightly greenish and has pointed ears. A Japanese man drives for them, and a black woman answers their phones. There’s a Scottish repair man, and they have a Russian […]

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For a Model of How Companies Should Handle Trans Discrimination, Look to KFC and Lyft

Employment horror stories are tragically common for transgender people, just look at the transgender unemployment rate. So with so many companies and businesses doing it wrong, it’s reassuring to notice when some companies get things right. Last week, a woman named Georgia Carter reported she was interviewed, hired, and then almost immediately fired by a […]

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Salacious Personal Details about My Sexy Trans Body

I’ve covered many trans topics, but unlike some other trans writers I have shied away from sharing personal thoughts and feelings about my body (even when asked). In particular, I’ve insistently refused to publicly disclose my surgical status: Whether I am post-, pre-, or non-operative. In other words, whether the body of this woman includes its factory-original penis […]

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I Want to Believe… That X-Files Didn’t Just Pull the Trans Prostitute Trope

Recently resurrected fan favorite The X-Files sent itself a love letter this week in the form of “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” the third episode of the 10th season we waited 14 years to see. The show takes great joy in this episode, parodically lambasting many of its ’90s-era monster-of-the-week outings. In those occasional money-saving trips into the bush, Mulder and […]

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Happy ThanksQueering— Maybe

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” blog. This is the time of year when we’re encouraged to think about surrounding ourselves with the love and support of our family. The trouble is, as many queer people can tell you (and many more would prefer not to discuss), when you’re one of the interesting people, family […]

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When Editorial Policies Out Trans People, Discrimination Goes Unreported

Not everyone is able to be out and proud. Even now in 2015, for a significant portion of the trans population, being outed would mean being fired or disowned, made homeless, beaten or even killed. Or for some, just embarrassed and ashamed— But it’s not our place to judge strangers in their own circumstances. It must be left up to each person when […]

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We Get It, Barbara Kay: You Don’t Understand Gender and the Law

In a May 26 National Post Commentary entitled Sorry LGBT, sex and gender are not the same, Barbara Kay rails against efforts by Morgane Oger, a BC trans activist working to remove legal sex designation from birth certificates. Kay’s piece (which is specific to trans issues, but inexplicably addressed to “LGBT”) is only her latest salvo in a series of pieces where she consistently attacks the legitimacy of trans […]

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Don’t Confuse Trans Women’s Assertiveness With “Male Energy”

This article first appeared in Slate’s Outward blog. According to some Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, trans women exhibit male entitlement through oppressive behaviors of dominance and misogyny, and by just generally continuing to be dicks. They’re also pretty quick to define any assertive action by a trans woman as being evidence of “male energy” or entitlement. That position […]

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How Not to Talk to a Trans Person About Your Establishment’s Bathrooms

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” blog. I recently had a negative experience and the opportunity to reflect on it. I was at a friend’s birthday party at a Toronto club. After checking my coat, I proceeded to the restrooms. I watched a man go in one and a woman enter the other. Checking the […]

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Remember What’s Important on Trans Day of Remembrance

Originally published as a guest editorial in DailyXTRA. The International Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is upon us, a day set aside to memorialize those who have been killed in the past year as victims of anti-transgender hatred or prejudice, in Canada and worldwide. Internationally it’s set to take place in “late November,” honouring Rita Hester, a trans woman […]

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I’ve Got the Transgender, No Photo ID, Can’t Get a Mortgage Approval Blues

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” blog. Recently, I came close to losing thousands of dollars—and my new home—when a real-estate deal nearly fell through over issues with government-issued identity documents. Problems I would not have had if I’d once possessed the foresight to avoid being born with my genitalia turned inside out. You see, after I determined what […]

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Why My Hat Says “BOY” on It

You may have seen these hats around: baseball caps, most commonly black, with “BOY” printed or embroidered on the front panel. I’ve seen a version that also has “GIRL” printed on the underside of the visor. On the websites that sell them, the hats are most commonly seen on men. Interestingly, though, in the real world, you will […]

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Beware the Chasers: “Admirers” Harrassing Trans People

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” blog. There are cis people whose primary sexual attraction is to trans people. I’ve seen this described as “trans-oriented” or “trans-attracted,” and many such people self-identify as trans “admirers.” Unfortunately, a great many admirers demonstrate misogyny and transmisogyny. When these badly behaved admirers actively seek out trans partners and inflict their disrespectful nonsense on us, we call them “chasers.” What’s […]

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Why I Don’t Ride The Night Bus

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” blog. I was stranded downtown at 2:47 a.m. I had lingered too long with someone I enjoy spending time with, and the subway was closed. It was too late to prevail on a friend for a couch to crash on. So I was stuck, far from home, with […]

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Should Gender Be a Non-Required Field?

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” Blog. Imagine you are filling out a form. You begin by inputting your name, and date of birth, but then you come across this: Please select your species.* Turtle  Duck *Required Field Neither of these options applies to you, but … it’s a required field. What do you do? You need to submit […]

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That Feeling When your Employer Includes and Accepts You

This post originally appeared in the Klick Culture & Engagement Blog. As a web developer, I don’t meet directly with the bigwigs very often, but if I had to guess before joining Klick how often that would be, I would have said “never.” However, Klick’s senior partners live by the philosophy that every employee might offer valuable […]

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Klick Camp and Awesome Work Culture

This post originally appeared in Klick Health’s “Agency Mojo” Blog, and in the Klick Culture & Engagement Blog. I’ve been a Web Developer at Klick Health for nine moths now, and right from the start, I’ve always felt “at home” here. I know a lot of my co-workers feel the same way. On the weekend of June 13th, […]

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Don’t Let the Doctor Do This to Your Newborn

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” Blog. Imagine you are in recovery from labour, laying in bed holding your infant. In your arms you cradle a stunningly beautiful, perfect little being. Completely innocent and totally vulnerable, your baby is entirely dependent on you to make all the choices that will define their life for many years […]

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Is it Natural to be Queer?

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” Blog. When people debate equal rights for queer people, it often comes down to an argument over whether or not being queer is “natural.” Or if you prefer, whether it is changeable or unchangeable. Let’s answer this question once and for all. Many argue fiercely over whether queerness (or lack thereof) is an […]

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The Top 19 Questions People Always Ask a Trans* Person

There are other Trans* FAQs out there, but none of them really address the true interests of the general public—at least based on these questions which I get asked on a semi-regular basis. So, as a public service, I do hereby present this list which fairly captures the essence of the many uncomfortable conversations I […]

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