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The Perils of the Plus-One: A How-To for Poly-Friendly Event Organizers

I’m polyamorous or “poly.” I have two romantic partners at the moment, and I’ve had as many as four at one time. I love each partner in different ways, and they in turn show me different sides of the same wonderful universe. For me, the magic of love and romance has been multiplied and I’m probably never going back […]

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Transgender: Get “Female” Canadian Passport With “Male” Birth Certificate and NO Medical Documentation, Here’s How

Today I am the proud holder of a fully valid, non-provisional, five-year Canadian Passport, bearing my actual gender (female) as opposed to the gender I was assigned from birth without my consent (male). The kicker: I got it without showing medical documentation, no doctor’s or psychiatrist’s letter, even though my birth certificate still says “male” […]

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How Not to Talk to a Trans Person About Your Establishment’s Bathrooms

This article first appeared in Slate Magazine’s “Outward” blog. I recently had a negative experience and the opportunity to reflect on it. I was at a friend’s birthday party at a Toronto club. After checking my coat, I proceeded to the restrooms. I watched a man go in one and a woman enter the other. Checking the […]

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How-To: Three Simple Ways to “Upgrade” Gender in Forms and Data Collection

Maybe you’re an awesome executive at a super-cool agency, or perhaps the data officer at a forward-thinking not-for-profit doing work in LGBTQ communities. Maybe you’re just interested in improving accessibility, by removing the default mandatory requirement of gender specification on your forms. Since you’re already here, you probably already know the reasons why gender shouldn’t be a required field. So instead, here’s […]


The Top 19 Questions People Always Ask a Trans* Person

There are other Trans* FAQs out there, but none of them really address the true interests of the general public—at least based on these questions which I get asked on a semi-regular basis. So, as a public service, I do hereby present this list which fairly captures the essence of the many uncomfortable conversations I […]

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How-To: Prevent Your Name Change From Being Published (!) By the Government of Ontario

This article pertains to residents of  Ontario, Canada. Note that you do not have to be born in Ontario, or even in Canada, to legally change your name through this process—you just have to be a resident here. If you’re a Trans* person (my use of “Trans*” explained here), it is very possible that your […]


How-To: Apply For “Sex-Unspecified” Canadian Passport in Protest

Author’s note from the future: Please keep in mind that some of the information in this article is out-of-date. Please share this around Canadian civil liberty, and LGBT groups. I have chosen to apply to Passport Canada for a sex-unspecified passport. Here’s how you can too. Any Canadian may join in this protest. You should not need […]

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