Christin Milloy:

Rise up and seize equality

About the Author

Christin Milloy is a Canadian journalist and human rights activist in the Greater Toronto Area. Her work appears in Slate, Daily Xtra, and Ricochet.

She currently serves as a Team Lead for Pride Toronto’s Trans* Pride Team, since WorldPride 2014.

In 2011 Christin was the first Trans* person to run for provincial office in Canada.

Christin lobbied Queen’s Park to pass Toby’s Law in 2012 as a member of the Trans Lobby Group, adding Gender Identity and Gender Expression to the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Christin at Queen's Park

Christin at Queen’s Park

Christin was co-recipient of an INSPIRE Award in 2013, when Trans Lobby Group was recognized as Inspiring Organization of the Year.

Professional roles have included Web Designer, Web Developer, Team Lead, and Director of Integrated Web Solutions: a role in which she co-managed an IT department of twenty people. Christin currently works for Klick Health, an award-winning agency focused on the intersection of technology, creativity and strategy, supporting and informing individuals at all points throughout the patient journey.

She has previously served on TCON convention committees, on the boards of directors for two condominium corporations, and on the executive committee for a provincial political organization.

Christin is a retro gaming fan with particular fondness for the original NES. Her favourite food is sushi, and favourite colour is purple. Christin Milloy is a Social Justice Rogue whose alignment is Chaotic Good.

Christin Milloy