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Best Transgender Hate Mail of 2014

In my years as an activist and writer, I’ve received a lot of positive support and feedback from thoughtful, amazing readers all over the world.

And then there are these people.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best material donated by generous souls who’ve sought to share their competing views with me. Thanks for the motivation, folks! You serve as a poignant reminder why we fight.

May you now serve as an example to others, of why trans people need support from all corners, why cis allyship is such a critical and necessary force for all trans people to transcend the boundaries of acceptance and love.

Content warning (obviously), for transphobia, cissexism, ableism, body-shaming, and many many hearts two sizes too small.

(Seriously though, this gets dark. Read at your own risk.)

First off, we have a reader who tracked me down on Facebook.

Miranda Jane Sletten:
You’re a tumblr psycho, leading to the death of society. Wake up call. If a baby has a penis, they are a boy. If they has a vagina, they are a girl. You are mentally ill, and have no right to try and make other mentally challenged people believe this. Just because you went crazy and switched genders (Except you can’t), doesn’t mean you are the majority.
PS: If you really want to look like a real girl, have that man chin sawed off.

Oh Miranda. I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but Facebook filtered your message into the spam box for some reason. You are quite right that trans people are not the majority… It will be many years before our secret plan to force everyone to be trans has finally come to fruition. In the mean time, we’re concentrating on a more insidious campaign, to generate compassion and reduce the rate at which cis people murder us. Some jobs would be nice, too, but hey! One step at a time, right?

Rumour has it, women with a strong jaw are not to be trifled with.

Rumour has it, women with a strong jaw are not to be trifled with. (Hat by Stand Up Against Transphobia)

While you’ve missed the point entirely regarding the dichotomy of gender identity and physiological sex, I do appreciate you personally taking the time out of your long day of angry Facebook posting and not reading the articles to write to me with advice about my physical appearance.

With regard to my jawline and chin, my finely chiselled features serve as the representation of a portion of my genetic heritage, probably that part which is nordic in origin. I got it from my mom, who shares a similar facial structure.

My prominent chin and strong jaw are two of my very favourite facial features. Aren’t they striking? So distinguished, and less common in women too, adding a unique and individual quality to my personal beauty. You see, I don’t subscribe to societal beauty standards, and I happen to love the body that I’m in (because after all, it’s my only one).

But look now, you’ve got me so immodest… Best we move on. To the Twittersphere!

@Neal_Dewing: Stupid goddam garbage. The writer should be horsewhipped.
(Slate: Don’t Let the Doctor Do This to Your Newborn)

@chrinfinity: I “should be horsewhipped?”

@Neal_Dewing: Not literally horsewhipped, crazypants. Congrats on all the hateclicks though.

I am so glad I have cis men on the Internet to teach me important lessons like this one here: Threats of violence, used as a figure of speech, are hilarious. Why, you’d have to be suffering from mental illness not to find that funny! Or maybe living in one of those countries where queer people actually are whipped, or hanged or stoned to death or whatever. (Those links were stories about gay men, but here’s a trans woman stoned to death in Brazil, and a trans woman burned alive in Florida. Neither woman was white, for those keeping score. Just for good measure, Julia Serano’s Whipping Girl is a great read.)

Anyway, thanks to perfect gentlemen like Mr. Dewing, I learn something new every day. Continuing to do trans activism and write articles is just my way of paying that education forward.

@coloradorebecca: Christin Scarlett Milloy -you are so fucked up, you seriously should consider committing yourself.

@coloradorebecca: (…) you stupid, stupid boy/girl

You know, I often wonder back to which moment I went so terribly wrong. It definitely wasn’t the moment I had the wrong gender assigned by force when I was born, since common sense tells us that’s a totally normal and harmless experience.

When could I have fixed my life? Sigh. It’s a shame my parents didn’t love me enough to beat the queer out of me when I was little. That always works. Instead, they neglectfully left me just enough freedom to eventually find my way, battered and traumatized, to the awareness of myself that I should have had the chance to explore when I was little.

@ashtenthinks: This is sick. Predatory.

Yes, I am the truest of perverts. For daring to advocate that every kid should have the freedom to just grow up and be themselves…

After having the first two decades of my life destroyed, my body permanently disfigured by someone else’s decision that I should grow up as a boy, followed by a twenty-year campaign of misinformation about my own potential— Basically designed to make me better at playing baseball, and to train me at manipulating women for sex… Now, by overcoming and rejecting that cruel programming, I am declared sick.

And in trying to share my story, I am become predator. GRRR! Roarrr!

@Uncle__Chris: Slate has gone full retard.

@RCannon74: It’s simple- you’re born with one part or the other. There’s no choosing.

@TCOTAlphaMale: @chrinfinity your confusing sex “it’s a boy” and gneder wich is a socal construct. doctors will tell you the sex, not teh gender

@DoberDavid: Disgusting filth spewn by @Slate @chrinfinity Writer needs to get help. #psycho

Skulking my way from crib to crib, I infect parents’ minds with my twisted warning against the consequences of shoving a potentially wrong gender identity down the throats of their infants. I mean, if babies weren’t all meant to be girls and boys, they obviously wouldn’t all be born with pink and blue balloons! Duh.

No, wait, it’s… They’re born with penis and vagina. Right: The pink and blue balloons come afterward. Damn, I always get those two mixed up. Oh god! Explain it to me harder, cis people. I still just don’t understand it!

@QuikHit: SLATE author Christin Milloy doesn’t want you (the parent) to assign a sex to your newborn. Sick, huh?

I know, right: I should be committed. Or horsewhipped! I’m a confused, filthy, predatory #psycho.

So when I (the self) assign a gender to me (female), one which I know to be true and to which I have the power to consent, that’s just crazy, sick, perverted, disgusting, and I’m mentally ill. But when you (the parent) get all ear-piercy and circumcizey about your infant, and put up decorations and colors, the symbolism of which your kid is too young to even understand let alone identify with… And when you then lie to your child, telling them this defines you, automatically… When you look into your baby’s tiny scrunched up genitals and tell them who they’re going to be, and who you think they should fuck, Well, that’s just adorable and sweet and precious and not-at-all at risk of driving your kid to commit suicide in their teen years, huh.

Just imagine, if we could get the trans suicide rate down from 9 times the overall average, to just maybe three or perhaps four times the overall average? Mmmm: I’m getting sexually aroused just thinking about it, because of course every single aspect of gender identity is about dirty naughty sex thoughts.

I learned that today, from reading my twitter feed.

Keep explaining it to me, cis people, even if it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall: You’re bound to get it through my head eventually.


  1. Miranda
    Thursday, 2015.07.16 at 18:25

    Hahaha fuck yeah. Showed everyone. This is awesome. New milestone in fighting sjws.

    • Christin Scarlett Milloy
      Thursday, 2015.07.16 at 22:32

      Why don’t you send me some material for next year’s list.

      • Alex
        Wednesday, 2016.05.18 at 08:43

        If you are inviting it, is it unwelcome? If it’s welcome is it bad? If it’s not bad, why are you making a deal of it? Is there perhaps some ounce of goodness trying to fight through some struggle? Curious indeed. Good luck finding happiness. Pro tip: you won’t.

        • Christin Scarlett Milloy
          Wednesday, 2016.06.01 at 15:26

          Thanks for the tip and all the victim blaming, jerk.

  2. A.K. Jonny
    Thursday, 2015.07.16 at 20:52

    Knowing Miranda, I have to say she is a bit of a troll at times. However, I am inclined to agree with her.

    Having two friends who are transgender, I have to question their motives for following through with their surgery. I don’t think any less of them for going through what they did, nor have I judged them negatively for doing so, but there is an underlying psychosis that needs to be addressed wherein the desire to “believe” that you were born the “wrong” gender is established. That being said, it is a arduous process(changing genders), & that in of itself has my respect.

    I have to question that belief, however, & true motive behind the transformation. Knowing that you can never be a woman physically, are you not living a lie outwardly? You can never become pregnant(using the male to female example), you will never have your period, you will never experience premenstrual syndrome, or the litany of other exclusively female traits of human physiology.

    So I have to ask again; are you not physically living a outwardly expressed lie? What are the potential psychological ramifications of living said lie? These are genuine concerns, & not an attack on anyone’s lifestyle choices.

    • Christin Scarlett Milloy
      Thursday, 2015.07.16 at 22:32


  3. Friday, 2015.07.17 at 08:57

    you are awesome .

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