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Trans* Pride Team at Pride Toronto Announces Dates for Next Two Community Town Hall Meetings

In an effort to step up community consultation, enhance organizational transparency, and more effectively engage Toronto’s Trans* community in decisions about how Trans* Pride is handled during the annual Pride festival, Pride Toronto’s Trans* Pride Team has announced dates for the next two public consultation meetings… and they’re coming a lot sooner than you might expect.

The first meeting is billed as a Post-WorldPride Community Debrief session. This is the chance for Community members to come and share their thoughts, experiences, ideas and suggestions following Trans* Pride at WorldPride Toronto 2014.

It will be held on Friday, August 8th, from 6 to 8:15 PM, at the Parliament Branch of the Toronto Public Library.

According to the facebook event, the venue is wheelchair accessible, and ASL interpretation is already confirmed. In addition, there is a call for volunteer team members to join the Trans* Pride Team:

We are looking for new members to join the Trans* Pride Team. We are growing by leaps and bounds every year, and doing everything the community wants sure is a big job! Our team needs to grow too, so this year we’re looking for energetic, creative, and well-organized people who’d like to come be a part of making Trans* Pride happen.

Following that, the next meeting scheduled is described as the first Town Hall for Trans* Pride events at Pride Festival 2015. That meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September 20th, from 2:30 to 5:30 pm (tentative).

A final location is not yet announced, but will be updated on the facebook event page once confirmed.

Trend toward Transparency

This is the first time Pride Toronto has ever held a public consultative Post-Pride debrief meeting specifically for Trans* Pride. In addition, the meeting scheduled for September 20th represents the earliest that Pride has ever hosted a Trans* Pride Town Hall to address plans for the following year.

Community members have been demanding since 2012 to have more inclusion, and a greater degree of consultation, in the planning of Trans* Pride events (including the Trans* Pride March), so much so that it has been the driving factor behind the formation of divergent community-organized marches since 2011.

A stylized, angled closeup photo of a computer screen showing dates within a month. the month is indistinct as the photo is cut off.

Mark the Dates.

It would seem the Trans* Pride Team is working overtime to make sure that the required level of consultation and inclusion finally happens properly this year. In what is sure to be a lively discussion, topics to be addressed by community and by Pride will likely include all of the changes and improvements seen in Trans* Pride at WorldPride 2014, as well as some preliminary consideration of possible routes for next year.

Welcome to the future: 2015 is shaking up to be a very interesting year for Trans* Pride… and in the biggest way ever, the entire Community is invited to jump on board and come along for the entire ride. So take care, be safe, and I hope to see all of you (and your ideas) at the meetings.

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  1. Linda Saint John
    Thursday, 2014.07.24 at 17:25

    I sat in George hislop park prior to the start of the march and the changes since my last march in 2012 were very evident ! A lot more organization and pre-planning. Really felt the pride !

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