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NoRobo Campaign Launches Interactive Election Fraud Atlas of Canada

Very exciting news tonight. My NoRobo Co. Team colleagues and I have deployed a Beta version of our Interactive Election Fraud Atlas of Canada, available online at

Fraud MapThis interactive data visualization tool aggregates reports from hundreds of court testimonials and news articles, organized by electoral district (by riding), and allows a visual comparison of reported occurrences of fraud against how close the election vote results were in any given riding (the map is color coded with a legend).

The evidence is staggering, strongly suggesting that the election results in more than half of all ridings might have been affected by election fraud in 2011. In fact, given the extent of fraud reported, it’s highly likely Canadians would be looking at a very different Parliament if fraud had not occurred.

As of today, we are the most comprehensive public source for information on Election fraud and the Robocall scandal in Canada. We are aiming to be the definitive source, and we are well on our way… but we need your help.

The entire NoRobo Co. team has been working tirelessly for weeks putting together this tool, as well as preparing the next phase in our project, The NoRobo Co. Reverse Robocall Campaign. We’re going to fight Robocalls… with Robocalls.

The thing is, we have only two days left on our fund-raising campaign at, to raise enough money to complete the full version of this Fraud Atlas, and to continue doing this work exposing and fighting Election fraud in Canada.

If you can afford it, please consider making a donation to help this project move forward. Every little bit helps.


  1. Sunday, 2013.06.09 at 12:16

    Excellent job, great web site. I’m impressed with the data you’ve collected.
    My comment on functionality – I couldn’t scroll down the reports on the left side of the page. I could see more only if I deleted one or more reports. It also took me a while to discover I could move the map so I could read the popup box after clicking on a phone icon.
    The colour coding of the 10% and 20% Margin of Victory are too similar (light grey vs. lighter grey). And I assume the 1%, 2% and 5% are all the same colour (white) so maybe should be “<10%" instead?

  2. Sunday, 2013.06.09 at 12:18

    Also, in Google Chrome the vertical line indicating “Majority” shows, but not in Internet Explorer 8.

    • Christin Scarlett Milloy
      Tuesday, 2013.06.11 at 17:09

      Thanks for the feedback, Jim! We are collecting everyone’s comments on the Beta and planning our next release.

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