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Kitchener-Waterloo By-Election is a Chance to Spread Message of Liberty

Elizabeth Witmer can be said to have been one of the few truly progressive MPPs left in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Now that Witmer has resigned her position as MPP for Kitchener-Waterloo, not just her seat, but control of the entire provincial legislature hangs in the balance.

Last October, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals came up one seat shy of having a majority government. That means that with the K-W seat now up for vote in a by-election, likely very soon, a Liberal win could tip the balance of power in Ontario’s legislature back into McGuinty’s favour. Thus, the Liberals could single-mindedly push through any new legislation they wanted, and the other parties would be powerless to stop them. Gone would be the frequent compromise characteristic of minority government.

Elizabeth Witmer, the longest serving female MPP, has successfully carried the K-W riding for the Progressive Conservatives since 1991. Before that, the riding consistently voted Liberal.

What is most interesting about Elizabeth Witmer is that she is one of a dying breed in this province; a moderate, true “Progressive” Conservative.

Lately, more so than ever, Ontarians have shown their desire for smaller, more efficient government… but Ontarians are also freedom-loving, open-minded people. With a long-time progressive PC candidate like Witmer having enjoyed consistent voter loyalty from the fine people of Kitchener-Waterloo, in a riding which was previously dominated by the Liberals, there is certainly no guarantee of a PC victory now that they must bring in a brand-new candidate.

We in the Ontario Libertarian Party believe in offering voters a fresh new alternative to the stale approaches to government which have plagued our Province for far too long. To that end, the OLP will be fielding a candidate in the upcoming Kitchener-Waterloo by-election.

The terrible historical cycle of battle between Liberals versus PCs in the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo has consistently left the people of K-W facing a distasteful choice; always forced to compromise between their desire for liberty, and their desire for fiscal responsibility in government. In 2012, the OLP can offer K-W constituents the opportunity to vote for a combination of values, presenting only the best qualities of both of the previously contending parties; the best of both worlds.

For representation in the Ontario provincial legislature that consistently favours responsible fiscal conservatism, while fighting to protect and maintain civil liberties, personal and property rights, the Ontario Libertarian Party is the Party of Choice.

It is also worth noting that a Libertarian MPP would neatly cap the balance of power in Ontario’s Legislature in a way that would consistently serve the best interests of all Ontarians. Since a Libertarian MPP answers only to their principles, she or he is never a slave to the whip of Party leadership as would be a Liberal or a PC. By choosing a Libertarian as MPP, the voters of Kitchener-Waterloo would be giving themselves absolutely the best representation possible in Parliament.

A nomination process is presently under way at the Ontario Libertarian Party to identify the ideal candidate for MPP to represent the people of Kitchener-Waterloo. Stay tuned for details.


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  1. Jeff McLarty
    Sunday, 2012.04.29 at 08:14

    Fantastic writing. Absolutely beautiful. Great points as well.

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