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Results of Toronto-Danforth By-Election Are In!

The results of today’s Toronto-Danforth by-election have come in and, perhaps unsurprisingly, NDP Candidate Craig Scott has won the coveted seat in Canada’s Parliament in the riding of his predecessor, the well-loved late leader of the NDPs, Jack Layton.

Watching the results stream in with my friend and colleague, Toronto-Danforth Libertarian Party candidate John Christopher Recker, we were impressed by the reality that even in this traditionally NDP dominated riding, there are Canadian voters who have chosen to vote in favour the principles of Liberty and smaller government.

John Christopher Recker, Libertarian Party of Canada candidate for Toronto-Danforth by-election

John Christopher Recker, Libertarian Party of Canada candidate for Toronto-Danforth by-election

In addition to the red, the blue, and the orange, John was joined in candidacy by three independents, as well as candidates from the United party, the Canadian Action Party, and the Progressive Canadian party. The Greens also ran.

Like the Libertarians, the new PC party also runs on a platform which includes smaller government, and the United party runs on a platform which includes fiscal conservatism. Leslie Bory, a candidate registered as independent but who bills himself as representing the (unregistered) Maple Party, also runs a very pro-liberty, smaller government platform. Together, these three candidates garnered 1% of the vote.

Add to that John’s 0.4% impressive showing (for a Libertarian-identified candidate in a riding like Toronto-Danforth), and it paints a reassuring picture; that even in this, one of Canada’s most fiscally left-leaning ridings, a not insignificant chunk of voters believe in supporting a message of fiscal conservatism, and a path toward less government interference in the everyday lives of Canadians.

John Recker speaks about how his Libertarian ideology motivated him to get involved as a candidate in the by-election.

“I don’t set out with the goal of convincing people; I believe in telling the truth as I see it, from my heart, and hopefully the truth will win out in the end. And I believe it does. To be a Libertarian, you have to believe that people are good; you have to have a basic trust of your fellow human being, and I believe that’s very important”

While John Recker, a good rational Libertarian, would have made an excellent MP, that was not to be today’s outcome. However, one day (I believe soon) we will see a Libertarian elected to public office in Canada. Canadian voters are frustrated, strained almost to the breaking point by the wasteful spending, broken promises, and big-government attacks on our civil liberty perpetrated by members of all the major parties.

As I optimistically foresee a time when voters will choose in favour of the benefits offered by the Libertarian platform, I congratulate our candidate John Christopher Recker on running an honest, honourable campaign in support of the ideology that we believe in.

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