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C-11—An Act to amend the Copyright Act

Summary: Bill C-11 seeks to “modernize” Canada’s copyright act.

Decision: Christin Milloy would vote NAY on C-11. (41st Parliament, 1st Session)


This bill does nothing but install limitations and restrictions on how Canadians use the Internet, and media which they’ve purchased and own. C-11 has provisions which could destroy the remix culture, limit free expression in other ways, and censor the web.

C-11 would make it illegal to copy a DVD or CD which you already own, even if it’s only for your personal use (for example, to make MP3s for your portable media device). Previous copyright legislation protected the rights of consumers to use the media they own, while C-11 tramples on those rights.

Movie discs from other parts of the world are usually “region locked” so they’ll only play on DVD players from the same region. However, computer software exists which can bypass the “region lock,” so you can play movies you’ve imported from Europe, Japan, or elsewhere. Under C-11, bypassing region lock would be illegal. The government will be telling you what you can and can’t do with media you already bought and own.

Big media companies are even lobbying to have provisions added to C-11 that could allow them to black out entire websites in Canada (even websites not hosted in Canada) by the mere accusation of copyright infringement.

If you or someone in your home uploads copyrighted content to the Internet, or even if a big media company just thinks you did, your ISP could be ordered to shut down your Internet service—with no proof required!

This bill is just ridiculous. It’s yet another example of how large corporations have manipulated our corrupt, bloated political system to abuse the power of law for their own benefit, at the expense of Canadians everywhere. I believe in freedom of expression, and in a free market. A free market would correct for innovations, not try to stifle them. I am against the repressive bill C-11.

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